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  • Provides numerous of reporting options, giving you the powerful data you need to understand how people engage with your website.
  • Gives you the information to make educated adjustments to your website that will improve your search rankings and online visibility.

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Restaurant Marketing Gurus has the talent and dedication to bring the power of Google Analytics data to your restaurant’s search engine optimization and pay per click advertising campaigns. With a simple online search, we all can learn the importance of a well designed website with good content, but beyond that, how are we supposed to drive visitors to the site? Google Analytics provides data that can be used to develop traffic-generating strategies for your restaurant’s website. Google Analytics does not cost anything; you can install and use it freely, and the data it provides will give you a whole new world of opportunities for growing your restaurant’s website. At Restaurant Marketing Gurus, Google Analytics certified technicians are ready and qualified to bring the power of big data to your restaurant’s search engine optimization and digital marketing campaigns.



Google Analytics consulting with Restaurant Marketing Gurus provides you with personal access to certified analytics experts with years of experience in bringing powerful benefits to restaurant websites using Google Analytics data. Keeping track of key performance indicators and understanding how to track conversions are just a couple of ways that Google Analytics will support your restaurant’s online marketing efforts. At Restaurant Marketing Gurus, we are exceptionally skilled in bringing the power of Google Analytics and other tools to comprehensively improve SEO campaigns for restaurants and other businesses nationwide.

We provide custom Google Analytics reporting and personalized consulting for restaurants of any kind. Restaurant Marketing Gurus is prepared to bring the strength of raw data and customized reporting to your restaurant. Contact Restaurant Marketing Gurus today to begin the process of bringing your restaurant’s online presence into the light with Google Analytics.