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Facebook Marketing for Restaurants

shutterstock_334564691With all the social media available today, Facebook continues to attract the largest amount of followers, making it an indispensable marketing tool for organizations in every sector. When you’re marketing for restaurants, though, your Facebook activity will look a little different than other profiles.

Share discounts or special offers

Everyone likes to save money, and in the case of social media, this is especially true. People are often willing to like, comment or share when a valuable discount is posted on Facebook. You can use special offers like these to promote new products, showcase an upgrade to your dining facilities or to celebrate holidays and occasions that occur around the calendar.

When you decide to post special offers, go the extra mile to make the post stand out. Add crisp photos, mouth-watering video or other visual accents to get the largest participation rate in the special offer. You’ll be surprised how far this will go, when followers decide whether to share the content around the web.

Give added value

One sure-fire way to attract new followers and keep the existing ones returning is to offer content that has added value for your customers. This marketing for restaurants will show your followers that you’re willing to give them a fantastic experience when they eat out, as well as letting them take some of that experience home to their own kitchens. Some catering companies can offer full recipes or links to their favorite recipes on the web.

If you want to keep your recipes a secret, you can also invite customers to take a look behind the scenes. Showcasing interviews with chefs, behind-the-scenes photos or an inside look at special events and competitions could draw more traffic to your site.

Promote what you do best

Do you have a wood-fired oven or a overnight smoker? Do you have a gorgeous patio, perfect for spring and summer dining? Do you have a ritzy spot in your restaurant for reservations only? No matter what unique features you bring to the table, be sure to tell your followers on Facebook all about it.

You can use multimedia content like GIFs, photos and videos to transport your followers to the scene and turn them into instant customers. You can also link to a features webpage or a blog on your restaurant’s website, where customers can view this content and learn about your business at the same time. At the very least, include a photo with any post you make about special features. Better yet, create an album of photos. Your fans on social media will find their mouths watering in no time, and they’ll head out to sample your fare.

Marketing for restaurants is no easy task, especially with the ever-increasing field of competitors on the dining scene. But with a few ideas for good content, some time invested in making the content attractive and a few multimedia perks like photo or video, you can make the most out of the Facebook profile for your business.