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Restaurant Marketing Plan – 3 Key Concepts

 shutterstock_324665789In today’s contemporary world, technology is at the forefront and if you own a business, especially a restaurant; using the right marketing techniques will keep you out of the red. Television and Radio still have their place, but a lot of people don’t watch as much television as they use to, thanks to the internet. This means business owners have to come up with new ways of reaching potential customers. With everyone’s attention glued to their cell phones and computers; one of the best strategies for getting their attention is with direct digital marketing.

Direct Digital Marketing delivers relevant marketing materials to individuals electronically. This includes e-mails, internet search, web browser cookies, and mobile phone numbers. Since most people are mobile; digital marketing targets individuals that are on the go. Restaurant Marketing in the 21st Century should go by the three main principals. Relevance, Accessibility, and Personalization.

*Three Key Marketing Concepts*

  • Mobile Channel facilitator are perfect for restaurant marketing because it reaches a broader audience in real-time. Providing a mobile app for consumers gives them the chance to directly interact with the business by ways such as placing orders and getting coupons. Most marketers offer sales and discounts exclusively to those who have their apps installed on their devices. Giving the consumers more ways to save money drives sales upward. Being able to interact with your brand is crucial as it gives the public information on specials while building relationships between the two.
  1. Complete or Update the site’s metadata
  2. Use Geo-Targeted Keywords
  3. Implement A Modern or Clean Design
  • Online Advertising is a must for any owner of any industry to further push sales. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blogs, Pay-Per-Click, Social Networking, Digital Signage, RSS Feeds, and Podcasting are great ways for exposure and marketing. Digital Marketing is huge and is continuing to expand. These strategies are sustainable as well and will continue into the future. Having a Social Network Page is very popular and it reaches people from all over. Bring in a service such as (Google Analytics) and you’ll be able to keep track of the visitors of your page/site. Knowing who’s visiting and searching for related material gives you a better idea of who you should be marketing to.
  1. 1.  Optimize Your URL For Relevance Of What Your Selling or Promoting
  2. For Click-To-Call Extensions, Try Using Tracking Numbers Which Identifies The Best Performing Ads
  • E-Mail has been around for years and is still commonly used despite the competition. Used more as a vessel for information; direct purchases isn’t the main goal here. Building a solid customer base is what this is all about. E-Mails keep the public updated and are very reliable for delivering informative messages or material.

Having a solid marketing campaign includes the strategies above. Digital Marketing isn’t a fad and it’s powering us well into the future. This style of marketing  isn’t rocket science, but you must put in the effort in order for it to work.