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  • Keyword Research: Using analytics data and keyword tools and over 10 years of SEO experience, we find your most effective and relevant keywords.
  • On-Page SEO: Our checklist of over 100 on-page SEO factors are applied to your restaurant’s website to promote search and user friendliness.
  • Off-Page SEO: Original content distribution, customer outreach and ongoing citation placement in relevant and reliable listings will improve your site’s authority on search results.
  • Content Marketing Strategy: Every restaurant’s website is accompanied by a precise content strategy to encourage customers to visit your restaurant and improve search visibility.
  • Analytics & Reporting: Restaurant Marketing Gurus is a Google Analytics certified marketing agency. We are prepared and qualified to bring the power of personalized ranking reports and Google Analytics data to your restaurant’s marketing strategy. Get a new ranking report each month and keep track of your progress.

Your Rankings Matter

Restaurant Marketing Gurus have a diverse skillset that has led us to a respectable history of success in search engine optimization for restaurants and other businesses. We are able to regularly achieve first page rankings for restaurant websites across the nation. Internet marketing bears stiff competition for restaurants, and should your restaurant’s website not appear on the front of search engine results pages, you will not achieve the success for which you are seeking. In the past, restaurants gained most of their notoriety with word of mouth referrals and excellent reviews. Now that reviews are best found in search engines and word of mouth has become social media, ensuring your website’s online visibility is critical to your restaurant’s long-term growth potential. Unless potential customers can find your restaurant easily in an online search, what good is your website? Without proper keyword research, how can you know what your potential customers are searching for when online? Those are the first of many questions that need answers when you intend to build a comprehensive SEO campaign for your restaurant.

our in-depth strategy brings results

Search engine optimization for restaurants is an adaptive process that begins with a complex understanding of your goals as a restaurant owner. Our SEO experts will learn what your restaurant is all about, and perform careful keyword research to find the best way to describe your restaurant to users and search engines. We want you to appear organically for keywords that your potential customers are searching for, the keywords that fill tables and book reservations. Once we achieve rankings for actionable keywords related to your restaurant, your website will grow its online footprint in a positive way, and your business will experience the benefits.

the importance of working with a reputable seo firm

Not every SEO strategy is equivalent; some SEO companies are simply one-person operations without the resources to properly address each aspect of a restaurant’s digital marketing needs. Some SEO agencies even utilize risky tactics that can result in penalties from search engines. It is troublesome and disappointing that some people experienced the impact of these risky tactics. With Restaurant Marketing Gurus, all of our SEO strategies are tested and proven to be safe and effective for comprehensively improving your restaurant’s organic search rankings across a variety of relevant keywords. We strive to bring the positive impact of digital marketing to restaurants and dining establishments across the country.

Search engines like Google are built on algorithms, and the Google algorithm uses over two hundred tested factors to make choices about search engine results, and that is only what is observed in testing. The only individuals who have a true grasp of the Google search algorithm are those who are charged with creating and updating it. SEO experts have spent years performing countless experiments to reliably uncover as many of these factors as possible. When you seek the help of Restaurant Marketing Gurus, our skill and enthusiasm only reinforce the exceptional results we have brought to clients nationwide.

a well-rounded approach to digital marketing

But achieving great rankings on search engines does not guarantee customers at your restaurant. Great search visibility is critical to long term success and growth, but is only one aspect of a well-rounded strategy. There are several elements that combine to form an adaptable and functional approach to online marketing. A search-friendly website, quality content and a properly handled pay-per-click ad campaign will enable you to achieve new online success for your restaurant. It is a dynamic approach that gives your restaurant’s website opportunity to convert traffic into customers.


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