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Think Local For Restaurant Marketing Success

shutterstock_365582531When running a restaurant, advertising is a bit different than other businesses out there. The main area of concern is you need to focus locally and not on an expansive marketing platform. While this might require you to alter the way you market just a bit, it actually gives you more direction and focus. Having a specific focus, especially in restaurant marketing, allows you to target the audience you’re going after. So, in order to perform proper restaurant marketing, you need to follow through with some very specific local marketing practices.




Target Location SEO

Search engine optimization is important for any website, but you are doing it for a specific location. This means it doesn’t matter what sort of Italian restaurant someone is looking for on the other side of the country, you need people in the immediate area to locate your services. That is why you need to utilize location keywords in your website. Within the text, always use the cities and neighborhoods you serve. Also, include the address of your restaurant as the footer of the site. This helps source your website and have it properly connected with the location you are in. You can also link it with Google Maps, which helps as well.


Pay Per Click advertising can help, especially when you first get started. Eventually, once everyone knows your restaurant, you may not need to spend as much on marketing, but introducing people to your restaurant initially is important. Pay per click advertisements makes it possible to create ads focused on the kind of food you offer and your location. As this is very specific you should have a great return on investment. So, do whatever you can to promote your restaurant and consider using these PPC restaurant marketing opportunities. It really is a nice way to bring up business.

Use Social Media

As a restaurant, social media is your friend almost more than most other local businesses. Why? People like to tag themselves in restaurants, especially when the food is good. People don’t do that (as frequently) when buying shoes or sporting goods. Due to this, you need to have a Facebook page up and running. Many people will try to look up your restaurant on Facebook, so maintain this kind of social media account. It also makes it possible to interact with customers on a more direct level. Other social media for a restaurant is not as important, as you are not as visually based as a photographer or designer so you don’t necessarily need Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr (although there is nothing wrong with having these accounts). Just make sure Facebook is up and running.


You need to use media on your website. This includes both images and video. Media allows someone searching for particular restaurants in your area to locate your site not only through a traditional word search, but image and video search as well. This also helps with the general SEO, boosting your search engine site rankings.