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Video Marketing for Restaurants – How to Make Customers Stand

shutterstock_292350416Marketing for restaurants has grown to a multi-billion dollar industry in recent years. With the prevalence of social media ads and other digital marketing techniques, the possibilities are endless. Video marketing is leading the way in terms of creativity and customer impressions by giving you the flexibility to highlight your restaurant dynamically in a way that old school print and photo advertising could not.

Building Trust In Your Brand

One of the biggest assets that video marketing provides to the restaurant industry is the ability to showcase your kitchens in action. Customers rarely get to glimpse what goes on behind the scenes at their favorite restaurants, but with a single video you can take them to the back of house, show them how your kitchen runs and help them understand how you achieve the quality that they have come to know and love. Customers who have the chance to see the mechanisms that make your restaurant great will have confidence that each and every time they visit, they will get the same positive experience.


Restaurants are a hub of interaction between family members, friends, business partners and complete strangers. When it’s time to start putting together your next video for your digital marketing campaign, ask your fans to share their photos, video clips and other media from your location. This creates a feeling of intimacy more than traditional staged photographs with stock models. Once your video is available it can be shared easily in the social media sphere so more and more new customers can learn about your restaurant each day.

Sharing Secrets

It may seem counter-intuitive to share some of your top secret recipes with customers. After all, if they have the recipe they won’t have to come see you. However, the reality is that people go out to eat for a variety of reasons including convenience, time savings and a desire to share an experience with friends and family. Using video marketing for restaurants to share a hint or tip about preparing one of their favorite dishes can create a different kind of bond and relationship with your brand. In all likelihood they will continue to frequent your restaurant so you can handle the hard work while they enjoy eating.

Video marketing for restaurants is one of the best new ways to attract attention to your brand and show off your shiny kitchens. Customers are drawn to brands that invite them into the inner circle to see how you operate and learn about the things that make you different from your competitors. Video clips of real customers enjoying their time with you go a long way toward making people feel comfortable with your name. Lastly, just a few videos here and there that directly provide something of value like tips around the kitchen will create a big boost in your followers as people come to you as an industry leader to learn more.